CINC: The Brain


Targeted smart device system

CiNC is a system approach based around a modular wireless brain that can be paired with specific sensors to create a range of cost-effective targeted smart product solutions with minimal front-end development.


Technology modules expand the intelligence and awareness of the brain providing it with environmental or statistical information as well as functions like extended range battery (blue).

Brain installation


The brain drops into a pocket within the main product. Contacts in the pocket allow the brain to instantly connect to technology and services of the main product.

Daisy chain

Brain-to-module direct connect creates a self contained technology system contained within the housing of the main product.

Coin slot

Perpendicular mounting solution to drop brain into slim slot. 3-sided contacts on the brain offer signal connection in various orientations.

Sensors / modules

Stacking contacts

Similar to the brain each module has top and bottom contacts allowing it to stack in daisy chain fashion.

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