Tea like you've
never tasted before.

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The art and
science of tea.

The Teforia infuser combines the knowledge of a tea master with the best in modern technology. It knows the exact time, temperature, and water needed to brew the perfect cup. For every kind of tea—every time.

Perfection in every cup.

Take your tea from ordinary to extraordinary. With our unique infusing process, the simplest ingredients transform, bringing out complex layers of flavor and aroma that you’ve never tasted before.

From estate to your cup.

We work directly with farmers and estates to bring you the freshest and rarest collection of teas, including leaves from ancient forests and wild and pristine tea gardens, far from the reach of pesticides and modern-day pollutants.

Sip in the moment.

Experience refreshment of the mind, body and tastebuds.

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1 x $649.00